Asset Management

Since Inglis Howie was founded, we have provided strategic asset management advice on a number of properties, portfolios, and indirect property holdings. We have been asked by many clients to oversee asset management of assets that we have acquired on their behalf and developed business plans for and we regularly undertake or oversee:

Since 2009 we have also been heavily involved in providing strategic reviews of portfolios to both Lenders and Borrowers with the aim of maximising the realisation of those portfolios to return as much capital as possible to both parties over a defined period of time. These strategic realisation plans maximise the capital generated from the sell down of individual assets or portfolio's in a considered and planned way and in many cases the results have exceeded our clients expectations.

With the ever growing demand for such services, we decided to form IH PAM in 2011 to continue and expand upon the investment advisory and brokerage services that we already provided to clients. IH PAM have recently advised a number of Pension Funds, Financial Institutions, Banks, other commercial property lenders, Property Companies, private wealthy individuals and receivers.

Projects Undertaken to date include:

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